Pregnant and recently widowed Amelia Evans attempts to navigate her usual life without much success. Riddled with grief after the death of her husband, and burdened by the expenses of a medical condition, Amelia hastily agrees to marry her brother in law in order to stay afloat as she tries to find her new normal. Will her shattered heart ever bloom with hope again? Is she destined to live in pain, masquerading in a life she hadn’t planned to live with another man? Or could love heal and possibly begin to grow where she had never thought to plant it?

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Six Feet Closer: Marriage In The Time Of Covid
released July 2020

Of all the things expected or planned for in a marriage, life in quarantine with your spouse was not one of them. W.A. Vroom beautifully unmasks the issues in relationships that can arise when our world suddenly turns upside-down, revealing the things keeping us from truly thriving together. Through her personal pandemic experiences, she shares the habits and intentional focuses she found worked in her own marriage. This new direction not only brought about resolutions, but made the connection with her spouse even stronger.

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